Do you allow dogs on your boats?2018-06-11T15:26:49+00:00

No PETS* allowed. Boats returning with pet hair, claw marks or any pet related damage will be charged a $200.00 minimum pet related cleaning fee and will NOT be allowed to rent in the future.

*Includes dogs, cats, ferrets, alpacas, hamsters, domesticated albino tigers, etc. Bottom line, no non-humans allowed.

How old do I have to be to rent a boat?2018-03-27T21:22:05+00:00

The “Responsible Person” who signs for the boat must be 21 years of age or older and hold a valid driver’s license. Any operators must be 18 years of age or older, hold a valid driver’s license and must be accompanied by a “Responsible Person” at all times.

Do you rent SeaDoos or Jetskis?2018-03-27T21:21:48+00:00

No, however we do rent pontoon boats, runabouts, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, water skis, wakeboards, tubes, and kneeboards.

Do you sell fishing licenses?2018-03-27T21:21:29+00:00

No, we do not. Please visit the website: www.dgif.virginia.gov/licenses before coming to the lake so you won’t miss any fishing time once you arrive!

What is your cancellation policy?2018-06-11T15:30:20+00:00

If you need to cancel your reservation, we ask you to call us 48 hours prior to the start of your reservation. If you do not call to cancel before the 48 hour time period, you will be charged one full day’s rent: $200 plus tax for a pontoon, and $250 plus tax for a runabout.

For any rentals less that 2 days, you will be charged for the rental at the time the reservation is made.  Cancellations made before 48 hours will be refunded all but $25.00, cancellations made after the 48 hours will receive no refund.

Can we park the boat at our dock if we are keeping the boat overnight?2018-03-27T21:20:48+00:00

Yes. If you are renting a house/condo which has a dock, you are welcome to keep the boat tied up there. If you are renting a place that does not have a dock, you may bring the boat back to our rental docks and keep it docked here.

I am not familiar with the lake. Will you help me with navigation?2018-03-27T21:20:19+00:00

Yes. After you watch the safety video, fill out your paperwork, and pay for your boat, one of the members of our friendly staff will go over a Dockside Safety Checklist, basic operation of the boat, and navigation of the lake. We will also provide you with a copy or two of a map of Smith Mountain Lake.

Do I need to take a boating course to rent a boat?2021-04-23T14:29:53+00:00

No, you do not. If you have taken a Boater’s Safety Coarse, please bring your boater’s safety card with you. We will make a copy of it and keep it on file while you are here. If you have not taken a course, you (and anyone else operating the rental boat) will need to watch our safety video before operating the rental boat.

If you would like to take care of the video before coming to the lake, click HERE to view the video and take the online assessment.  You must pass the test with a score of 92% or higher to receive a certificate.  Bring the certificate to the office when you check in to pick up your boat.  Be prepared to show us a paper or digital copy of the certificate when you check in at the boat rental office.


Do your boats have radios?2018-03-27T21:18:57+00:00

All of our rental boats are equipped with radios/CD players. The radios also include an AUX connection for iPods. (AUX cords are available in our rental office; just ask us if you need one!).

Do you charge a Deposit?2018-06-11T15:44:43+00:00

For any boat reservation that is less than a 2 day rental, we require payment in full at the time the reservation is made.  Reservations that are 2+ days will require a credit card to hold your reservation for you. All reservations require a credit card imprint to keep on file until your return. After you return the rental boat and our staff has assessed that there is no damage or excessive wear and tear, we will return the credit card imprint to you upon your departure.

Do we need a credit card to make a reservation?2018-03-27T21:18:09+00:00

Yes. You need to give us a credit card number to hold your boat reservation. You will not be charged for the boat until you come to the rental office the day of your reservation. You can then decide to pay with cash or credit/debit card.

Are we allowed to bring food and snacks on the boat?2018-03-27T21:13:34+00:00

Yes you are. But please remember that very large coolers filled with ice and drinks add weight to your boat. When making your reservation for 10 people, make sure you understand that if you get a boat whose capacity is for 10 people and bring on two large coolers loaded down with ice and drinks, that your boat will be overloaded.

Can we tube or ski behind your boats?2018-03-27T21:13:14+00:00

Yes. Also note that while you are tubing or skiing you wear life jackets that are approved for water sport activities (not the standard orange lifejackets).

Do we pay for the gas usage in the rental boat?2018-03-27T15:12:39+00:00

Yes. Our gas policy is much like a rental car. The boat comes full and you are responsible for returning it full.

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